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December 2007 – San Jose, CA – After many years technology has finally found the Legendary Reggae singer Edi Fitzroy. Edi has created many Albums and even more singles over the last 26 years, and now seven of his all time classics can be purchased as single MP3’s or full album MP’s everywhere online.

Coming Up Strong (1984), Eclipse (1991) and Pollution (1995) are all Edi Fitzroy Albums that were only published as LP’s. Now you can find these complete Albums digitally mastered and sold as MP3’s on iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and hundreds of more MP3 online outlets.

Along with the exclusive LP releases, First Class Citizen (1982), Deep In Mi Culture (1993), We A Lion (2001) and Hold The Vibes (2006) have also been digitally distributed to major MP3 outlets world wide.

These classic Albums include some of Edi’s biggest hits, such as “Princess Black”, “Miss Molly”, “First Class Citizen”, Youth Man”, and so many more.

Here is a short list of places and networks Edi’s back catalog can be found for individual song downloads and ringtones:

Audio Lunchbox



Groovemobile Delivery

Hi5 Networks


iTunes Music Store

Mix and Burn

Music IP


Navio Download (gBox)

Passalong (Songtouch)


Rogers Wireless

Ruckus Network

Snocap (Snocap/Myspace





The Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) is the main distributor for Edi Fitzroy’s newest album “Hold The Vibes”. “Hold The Vibes” is in stores coast to coast. IDC has revolutionized the independent music distribution business as a whole. Using the "Strength in Numbers" concept, and employing grassroots and industry tested practices, IDC has created a whole new avenue for current and next generation artists who are trying to bring their music to the public. To find out more about IDC, please visit their website

King Step Recordings
KSR (King Step Recordings) is a record label founded from necessity; a necessity for more conscious Reggae; a necessity for quality independent original Reggae, and a necessity for more love in the world. We are but soldiers in the Reggae Revolution spreading our messages of equal rights and justice. Feel free to contact us about anything. Give thanks to all.

KSR is based in California and was founded in December 2005 by Adam Heller. Adam is also the founder of the well-known site that has been serving the Reggae community since 2003.


Contact info:

Adam Heller





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