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     What we need is Love and a conscious messenger!  Love and Reggae is what we are receiving through the masterful sounds of Mobay's own Reggae SuperStar – Mackie Conscious.


The word out of Jamaica is that singer, songwriter and producer Mackie Conscious luck has changed. The singer who sings "Lucky mi nuh lucky" is at last receiving the recognition needed to finally put him on the same platform as his peers.

 After his appearance in October at  two of Jamaica's major concerts, Mackie has been receiving rave reviews from fans and news media across the globe;acknowledging Mackie's tremendous reggae conscious contribution.

Most noticeable was Mackie's performance at the "Tribute to Peter Tosh"  held at Independence Park, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, on Friday October 19, 2007.  Quoting some of the most powerful words to date from Jamaica Star News Editor –  Adrian Frater in regards to Mackie Conscious musical magnetism.  He says "Luciano and Mackie Conscious were both quite compelling as musical messengers". He goes on to say that "Tosh's nephew Edge Michael and Mackie Conscious, delivered excellent sets and offered dazzling Tosh moments. While the mature-sounding Edge Michael raised goose-pimples with his delivery of Reggaemilitis, the commanding Mackie Conscious brought the house down with Equal Rights and Justice".  Jamaica Star News – October 22, 2007

 In this same article under the heading High-quality performer, Adrian Frater says: "Mackie Conscious, who must be the best artiste in Jamaica without a number one hit, reminded the audience that a Lucky Me Nuh Lucky and Can't Be A King and No Royal".

 In this same article under the heading High-quality performer, Adrian Frater says: "Mackie Conscious, who must be the best artiste in Jamaica without a number one hit, reminded the audience that a Lucky Me Nuh Lucky and Can't Be A King and No Royal".

Mackie Conscious, continues to amaze audiences with the maturity of his performances, showed off his full musical prowess as he not only used his uniquely distinguished voice to get his message across to his listening audience. Mackie being a master  Bass Guitar player, is also known to deliver wickedly with the drum and bass sound. Confirming once again that he is a well rounded and versatile reggae performer.  Another media personality stated "an artist of this caliber should not be opening any shows, he should be a headliner as well". Super producer Flava who works with artists such as Queen Ifrica and Gyption said "Mackie is one of the best artist he have seen in a long time".

With such commanding live performances and media acknowledgment Mackie as of late has been receiving much recognition on the worldwide reggae scene both from his peers and the media. Most recently with the inception of appearing on the Suzie "Q" – T. V. Show – telecast in Jamaica and across the globe; showcasing the release "Lucky me nuh Lucky".

It's no wonder that all this attention about Mackie's conscious vibes has brought on the invitation to perform at this year's World Class Reggae Event – Jamaica Guinness Sting 2007, it's no doubt Sting is needing a conscious vibe and no doubt Mackie Conscious will do just that; bring a very Conscious Vibe to this event which is looking to pull over 40,000 attendees in Jamaica – December 2007. Fitting is the theme chosen for the event this year "UNITY THEME"  at Jamworld, Portmore St. Catherine December 26, 2007. Updates on the concert will be posted on the website

Recently I was speaking with Mama Asid of "Bad Gals Radio" out of Detroit, Michigan USA; speaking of Mackie Conscious she says "Mackie Conscious is a sweetheart, just like Mikey Dread, Mackie Conscious fans sees him as one of them, so humble and peaceful is he, it's no wonder the fans love him so''.

I to can attest to this fact about Mackie Conscious people effectivity; I was so impressed with Mackie that I made it my mission to introduce him to my boss Mikey Dread. Mikey in turn checked out his sounds and linked up with him and so begins, Mackie's introduction to our very close knit USA family which also includes the Inner Visions Reggae Band.  Mikey Dread himself was impressed with his sounds and performance and had planned on bringing Mackie Concscious on tour with him this year; prior to his illness. If there is anyone who would know the special ness a Reggae Artist is bringing to the table, it would be the Dread at the Controls himself  Mikey Dread; who's produced and groomed many artists over his 30 years in the entertainment business.

The world is waiting for the release of what Mackie has to offer. With that in mind we are pleased to announce that fans can now hear Mackie's music not only in Jamaica, but in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Australia, Africa, London, U.S, Canada and many more. Deejay's the world over is requesting Mackie's songs for airplay.

Mackie Conscious is true Conscious son, here to spread love around the world right under the Jamaican Sun!

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