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Last week the new Rhygin Records website was launched, it was designed by Skylark Graphics. The store page has direct links to itunes and Ernie B's Reggae distribution. If you have been searching for music with some depth in the land of feeble covers and rehashed re-issues, check out the original sounds at Rhygin.


Sunday February 07, 2010 2:42 PM
Mark Wonder – Eight wonder of Reggae!
Back in June 2009 I received an email from Daniel Frankston about Mark Wonder and the completion of a very successful U. S. West Coast tour. It was refreshing to hear all the positive things being reported on Mark for the 8 shows he did on the West Coast. Daniel wrote a wonderfully inspiring piece on his coming and goings. The unique factor was that he took time out of his busy tour schedule to actually do a FREE benefit concert. Now that is dedication! Who would not love this Rasta man?
He personifies what he believes in; the message in reggae music being –Love, Peace and Unity – which lays rest for sure at his feet.
What can I say about Mark Wonder? He has proven over and over again throughout the years; that he is indeed Reggae's eight wonder of the world. With all the negativity we hear coming out of some of the reggae camps these days. We can honestly say; with Mark Wonder keeping his camp clean and magnifying emphasis on the ways of the most high; Mark Wonder puts the "P" in positively conscious Reggae sounds.
I met Mark back in 2007 at the height of a very emotional time. I found him, to not only be one of the most marvelous inspiring spiritual voices out there, but an amazing person as well. He is one of the few that lives what he sings. When he sings you can feel it in every way, that he is living in the positive. It is not hard to be drawn to his loving kindness and the sweet sounds of his voice. What he gives to the fans on stage, he is the same person off. His genuine beam of positive light reflects in whom he really is; inviting all fans personally welcome to know Mark. 
Mark manifest very special qualities: he's real and untainted by the world. It is not everyday that you come across an artist with the passion in the music that he possesses.
Just to reflect on his song "We shall over Come" he sings with an uplifting conviction. That no matter what the ills of the world may be; we shall overcome. It's apparent in the words of the song that the purpose for the lyrics is for the healing. In his song "Where do we go?" Mark sings where do we go from here? Where do we go right now? When the cry is everywhere, the poor man is in despair, trying to get his share. The cry is everywhere". He goes on to say that his heart cries out, but from his eyes not a single tear.  This True Kingston Rastaman is lyrically deep!
Mark goes on to say simply "his name is Mark and he can take you through the dark".  He is deep, he is humble, and he is strength; without a doubt a Kingston Rasta warrior spiritually refreshing! Hence the 8th wonder of reggae!
You might wonder if the number 7 is the spiritual complete number. Why would I refer to Mark Wonder as the 8th Wonder. Mark as a person is the 8th wonder to me (smile). He completes the Reggae spiritual circle in many a way.  He's very talented, very humble and put the most high standards first in all that he does; a true and wonderful reflection.
He is truly the bright spiritual light Reggae has been in need of for the last couple months. 
I have watched in the media recently, my brothers hammered down. Jamaican reggae as we know it; has taken hit after hit in the past months, it's truly distressing.
I was asked just the other day whilst doing an anniversary special, interview regarding Mikey Dread's 2nd year anniversary passing.  How I felt about several different situations involving Rasta's and Reggae. As I told the interviewer I can't speak for situations I have not come to know of personally. I can however speak of a few Artists I have no doubt of their sincerity for conscious reggae.  The first person name who came to my mind, without a doubt or hesitation was the Kingstonian – Mark Wonder, followed by Montego Bay's – Mackie Conscious and Trelawney's – Tony Culture.
There are many, many other conscious Reggae artists out there in Jamaica and abroad; however I was reflecting on some that I know in my personal life to be of high integrity. (Smile).
I find it refreshing to be able to write about an Artist, that is trying his best to keep the positive vibes; in light of what we see going on around us. That someone is Mark Wonder, I have come to know Mark very well and I see he lets nothing and no one gets in his way to produce music that is uplifting to the soul. He is not a Rasta man with a pocket full of money, yet what he has to offer to any audience is the true authentic, hard warming sounds of pure Jamaica Conscious and Sweet Reggae. That in itself is worth its weight better than gold or silver.
It is a joy and pleasure to be in acquaintance of a true reflection of what Jamaican Reggae music encompasses by way of the 8th wonder of the world – Mark Wonder who continue to wow the crowds and amaze new comers alike with his Conscious Reggae beam shining ever so bright!. 
With that said: Mark Wonder is gearing up for a three month tour of Europe which will be commencing on March 6, 2010. The itinerary is still being put together as well as other mitigating factors.   If you are longing for the real thing, I encourage you all to go out and catch Mark Wonder in concert and see for yourselves what the 8th wonder of reggae is all about!
Keep the link of Mark Wonder's tour update, sample his music and video and complete BIO:
militant soiler –

 rainbow child –


Podcast links fixed

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I fixed the podcast links, they are now pointing to the play/download pages correctly.


Just saw this from Dub Vendor on the B&F message board. New reissue on Upsetter through Honest Jons new imprint.

Michael Rose – Observe Life / Upsetters – Observing Dub (Upsetter / Dug Out) UK 7"

WOW ! Deep n` dark stuff from Honest Jons on their new Dug Out label. This is the ultra rare first version of this pre-Black Uhuru Michael Rose track, a later inferior version was issued on the Carib Gems label, originally issued circa `74 on producer Lee Perry`s Upsetter imprint, and as far as we can recall never re-issued on vinyl or CD, until now. Rose betrays a solid Ken Boothe influence on this track and the rhythm is a blinding slice of Ja funk. Dont miss it !

Dub Vendor



More finds

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Just a couple of things to mention.
I found out Ernie B's has some original pressings of Freedom by the Inturns (viceroys) on Impact, super clean for 20 bucks. I just picked up a copy, not sure how many he has left. This is one of the tunes you can hear on the Dave Katz with Steve Barker interview at On the Wire BBC radio lancs. Sort of a bubbly playful circus reggae type organ sound to it, fantastic version on the flip.

Also at Ernie B's are two crucial DVD's still available, Dub Echoes on Soul Jazz and Natural Mystic Reggae – A Jamaican Walk with Chinna touring all the old sites of the day in Kingston. If you are a crate digger you will definitely want these.

Looks like Deep Roots volume one is sold out but they still have volume 2 and 3, I remember when we were in the studio with Mikey Dread working on the Sunshine State 12 inch, Mikey was on the phone with the guys who were trying to re-release these DVD's, it didn't sound like they ever came to an agreement that week on royalty or whatever to get it put out, after Mikey passed away though, finally some decent re-issue was able to be seen. Much better than the time coded bootleg piece of crap that I have had for years, pick up a copy. Jackie Edwards and Delroy Wilson voicing at King Tubby's is worth the price of admission alone.


why not pick up some Rhygin Records vinyl while you are at it 🙂


Took a visit to my local shops in Santa Cruz yesterday, picked up an original copy of Heart of the Ark on Seven Leaves, what a great album. The track Forward with Love by Mystic Eyes is amazing, and the 4&20 Dreadlocks is a different mix than the original JA 7" that I have. All in all a great find for 20 bucks. I know you can get this along with volume 2 on CD still, but the original vinyl is well worth it.

Also found a re-issue of Leggo Dub from 2005 on Hot Pot label, Steve Barrow project remastered from what sounds to me like the original Cash and Carry LP and not the master tapes. Big Ups to Steve for getting this reissued direct from Ossie Hibbert, Leggo Beast himself under exclusive license.

If you have been looking for something to pick up, try these out, you won't be disappointed.


Sun, 25 Oct 2009 16:32:46 -0500

Gramps Morgan soulful sultry performance makes an old woman wish for younger days and a young woman wish for longer nights!

I have been riding on cloud 29 since attending Gramps Morgan and Buju Banton concert on Tuesday night October 20, 2009 at Dallas’s Palm Beach Reggae Club. This dynamic duo was brought to Dallas by Houston’s own DJ SuperGold.

Gramps (a fraction of the Morgan Heritage fame), is currently on the Buju Banton “Rasta Got Soul Tour”. Promoting his new solo release titled:

“2 Sides of my Heart”Vol. 1

First I would like to Thank Gramps camp; Anthony Alexander for coordinating the meeting between myself and Gramps. I apprecilove all your effort; as it took some coordinating. This in itself shows total dedication on your part. Large yourself up! The results were a wonderful extraordinary experience with Gramps Morgan; this included the On Air as well as the live interview.  We’ve had positive vibes from our listening audience globally, regarding the interview as well as the new CD. Give Thanks!

And it goes something like this: Gramps Morgan from a Woman’s perspective:

I reach the event early to meet with Gramps and do a little one on one interview.  Ladies my heart was going thump, thump, thump. I was already hyped up from Carmelita’s (IrieVision Worldbeat TV San Francisco) report on Gramps from their visit a week prior.
I was not disappointed as Gramps is an awesome individual, not only does he fit the eye candy mode, he is deep and I do mean deep!  Gramps entices the women “to get off the heartbreak bus and take a ride with him to heaven”.  

Gramps say’s he believes in the “oneness” among mankind.  He is versatile and moves smooth and easy through the roots of reggae.
Well when Gramps took the stage at 11:30 pm, the crowd was kind of   shell shocked. I too was feeling shell shock; it is kind of confusing to the mind to see Gramps perform solo. For years we have only associated him with Morgan Heritage as a group.  That’s why at first it seemed weird to see him on stage without; Lukes, Mojo, Peter and Una.  It took only a moment though to come to the realization that this man is just fabulous with or without the group. It just takes a moment for the mind to process the change. (smile)

 So as I observe the crowd and see at first they were just standing there, swaying a little through the first song, maybe move a little more during the second song; you could see from their expressions that they were still perplexed to see Gramps Morgan without the Morgan Heritage band.

By the third song, it was on!! it was as if Gramps burly voice broke through and opened up a can of whoop butt and said enough is enough; rock reggae with me from A-Z.  Not only did Gramps amp up the volume vocally, so did the crowd. The screams from the ladies and the bop, bop, bop from the men almost drowned out his vocals. It is safe to say, the people got on the Gramps Morgan Reggae Train and road all the way with him as the conductor to the very end. Man it was a magnificent move, Gramps is a good roots singer, however, it is when he unleashed his lovers’ rock sounds on the crowd, the lights were OUT!!!!

Every cell phone camera in the building was up in the air, either taking pictures or videoing. The men were taking control of their women as Gramps really into the performance, moved to the end of the stage and did a Marvin Gaye move with his body, the ladies just went mad! He further entices the ladies by saying “Hush -come into his arms and stay strong”.  This pumped up the volume again and the women in the audience were screaming like they were at a Rock concert.  

Hey, I was just stunned silent from the crowd’s reaction. I have witnessed many concerts by the Morgan Heritage Band; never had I seen Gramps perform in this way. All I can say is what a treat!

Hush Gramps, you know you drove the ladies wild!!!! His performance was nhing less than a masterpiece in motion.

From the words of Gramps Morgan “Get off the heartbreak bus and take a ride with him to heaven”. People he is deep and he totally, unequivocally tore up the place, in Dallas this night!!!

Listening to Gramps is like looking into the mirror at a combination of singers such as: Beres Hammond (holding tight on the reggae lovers’ rock) and Barry White (who held tight the smooth R& B lovers style). Yes I said Barry White (smile) – on the Song “Hush” he is so suave, you would think to close your eyes and hear Barry White say – yeah Baby! He has the raw sexiness of Marvin Gaye and the Roots ness of  Dennis Brown.  

It’s just uncanny, you will have to get the new CD “2 sides of my heart” and see for yourself.  

Like most wonderful Jamaican Artist, Gramps has no problem moving through a range of vocals, he is certainly a master in his Soul/Rock/Lovers/Reggae domain.  It is refreshing to see an Artist so versatile that they are comfortable, smelting the sounds R & B, Soul and Roots Reggae, fused with sweet lovers’ reggae Jamaican style.

I encourage you all to run not walk to pick you “2 sides of my heart”.  I received it last week and it’s been a constant music to my ears. It’s a great piece of work and you will love it over and over again. It’s just that good. Trust me! After all Darlins’ I am the Queen, Reggae Radio that is. The solution to your reggae needs on Wednesday nights.  LOL

Big ups to the promoter: DJ Super Gold and Palm Beach Reggae Club owner Augustine for the compliments for the Reggae Solutions crew, myself (Queen Mushiya), DJ Steady Rankin, DJ Dollar Bill and Empress Alicia.

Gramps contact info:

Mushiya Jobe Enterprises P.O. Box 600542 Dallas, Texas 75360-0542 469-767-9730


Saturday, September 26, 2009 2:23 AM
  Well it took a year and a half of coaxing and I finally did it! Got out of Dallas and went on a journey with the Inner Visions Reggae Band.  What can I say? It was a wonderful musical re-birth, as the last time I was out on the road with the reggae road warriors was in July 2007 in Rhode Island.  It was to say the least a bitter sweet time. It was also the time Mikey Dread took a turn for the worse and shortly thereafter left us on this earth and  I've been road shy ever since.
For those of you who don't know our history let me start from the beginning. 
Many years ago I was happily working on behalf of the Inner Visions Reggae band, doing PR/Media relations etc. this was long before Mikey Dread called and made the request from the Band to borrow me for a couple months. (Smile). Well the couple months turned into years and the rest is history. The results of our merging was a tight knit Roots, Reggae family; consisting of Mikey, Inner Visions, Myself, Carmelita Harris with Irie Vision World beat TV in San Francisco and the KNON 89.3 Irie FM Reggae DJ Crew, which at the time consisted of DJ's Ima Uwagbai, Tunde Obazee, Mike D Magician, Alex C, Everton, Ras Ridi, Jah Larry, Queen Amy and Sister Kenjah and Myself along with The Scientist, Marcus "Yabba" Griffiths, Glen Washington and Tony Culture.  Many more came on board in time such as; Mark Wonder and Mackie Conscious; these are all world class International performing artists.
You are probably wondering how this band from the small Island of St. John USVI had such a reach. I am happy to enlighten you. The Inner Visions Reggae Band has been out there in reggae land for 30 years! They are literally and without a doubt the hardest working Roots Reggae band out there. The amazing thing is I'm not seeing them let up!!
 Mikey once said to me "man I admire those guys, traveling from state to state for months on end, that's hard on the body".  So whatever he could do to help, wherever he played he put in a word for them. Or he would give me the contacts to pass on to their booking agents.  Once they performed in an area the fans were hooked! I'm hearing words like fantastic, electrifying, awesome and the real deal from fan and media alike when describing the band.
Why such respect for them? Well you will have to get to know them and that's not hard at all; as Philip "Grasshopper "Pickering one of the lead singers for the group is the most personable character in the business. Grasshopper meets no stranger and it is evident, in their travels whether in the Islands, The USA or Europe the Band members in whole, leave a lasting impression.
The Band consists of two strong leading vocalists: Ras Paul Samms aka Ossisi (percussions), Philip "Grasshopper" Pickering (Electric guitar), backing vocalist and bass Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering, and Akiba "Mr. Snooze" Pickering on Keyboards and Aswad "Hollywood "Pickering on Drums.  Aswad and Akiba, Grasshoppers sons joined the group 7 years ago. Their musical genius is heir apparent, as their father helped develop the musical skills they now master.
They are a small band with the sound of a symphony and that is no joke. They are both vocally and instrumentally strong.
I can guarantee you, if they had a gig and the lights were out. They could still do the performance as they have exceptionally strong voices and harmonizes to perfection!!!
Back to the journey:
So as we drive from Dallas, Texas to St. Louis Missouri 12 hours!!!!!. I thought man I am going to die! I am definitely not road worn. Ras Paul probably was tired of me asking; are we there yet? I could have sworn we drove through OKLAHOMA for two days. LOL.
As I close my eyes and try not to think of each long excruciating mile. I think of Inner Visions song "It ain't easy on the road" and I think lawd!!! They were not joking, it definitely "Ain't easy on the road".  I had forgotten. Being on the road with them heightened my awareness of their deep dedication to the music.
Well we reach St. Louis at 4:30 pm, check into the hotel its like 5:30 pm now and then at 7:00 pm we have to leave this nice cool place to go to Club Viva to sound check!!! Lawd that is just not enough time to re-coup from such a long trip. And I'm really feeling it now. (smile). Not Inner Visions though, they were hyped and ready to go. Sound check finishes around 9:30 pm and they start to perform at 10:15 pm and perform for 4 hours straight. The fans got their monies worth and more. Man their performance was mighty, they rocked the place solid!!! You would not have ever guessed that this Band traveled so far by vehicle the same day; with little rest and performed the way they did. It is just simply amazing! I have known them for many years and I am still awestruck.
It was a thrill to see the audience reaction, the appreciation and love they showed the Band. And then I saw it in my minds eye. Just why Inner Visions Reggae Band do it year after the year. Their undeniable Love for the most high and their dedication to the fans. Some fans travel much distance to see them perform. When I witness the positive vibes centered on them I remember just why they are referred internationally as Reggae Road Warriors. It is a well earned title.
With that said I am going to leave you all with some verses from "It Ain't Easy on the Road" Taken from their Spiritual dancer CD.  You can get the gist of what the guys go through, yet year after year they get on the road and give the fans what they want PURE, ROOTS, REGGAE MUSIC in an Inner-gized fashion.         
                Tell me lord what am I gonna do
                What this world is coming to
                Tell me lord what am I 'm gonna do
                What I and I really must go through
                Cause it Ain't easy on the road
                It ain't easy on the road
                Why must I carry such heavy load?
                Only JAH JAH knows
                Cause it ain't easy on the road
                Well, show me lord what I've got to say
                Show me Lord each and every day
                Show me lord what I've got to say
                Show me lord as I kneel and pray and I'll be OK
                Cause it ain't easy on the road
                It A'int easy on the road
                Why must I carry such heavy load
                Only my father knows
                It ain't easy on the road
               Jah knows it ain't easy on the road; sometimes life can be so rough
               Things can be so tough, but you got to hang in there sometimes and take it easy.
I invite you all to get on the Inner Visions Reggae Train, by riding their musical waves to a venue near you.
Link up to Inner Visions:
For Bookings Contact:     
George Michailow
Fast Lane International
area- (USA, Europe, Caribbean) PH: 828-274-1767
area- (USA in GA, TN, NC and SC)
Jobe Enterprises
P.O. Box 600542
Dallas, Texas 75360-0542

Lee Perry US remaining tour dates

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Aug 25 2009 8:00P
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Aug 26 2009 8:00P
Cane’s San Diego, California
Aug 27 2009 8:00P
Green Room Flagstaff, Arizona
Aug 28 2009 8:00P
Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 29 2009 8:00P
Red Rocks – Reggae on the Rocks Denver, Colorado
Aug 30 2009 8:00P
Beaumont Kansas City, Missouri
Sep 1 2009 8:00P
Flamingo Cantina Austin, Texas
Sep 2 2009 8:00P
House of Blues New Orleans, Louisiana
Sep 3 2009 8:00P
Variety Atlanta, Georgia
Sep 4 2009 8:00P
Social Orlando, Florida
Sep 5 2009 8:00P
Dubfest Hollywood/Miami, Florida

Queen Mushiya Reviews Melody Memory Band

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Friday, July 24, 2009 4:09 PM
       Melody Memory Band what can I say!  I was delightfully surprised when this band strolled into the KNON 89.3 Irie FM studios Dallas last Wednesday night – July 15, 2009.

The purpose of their visit was to partner with KNON Reggae DJ's in embracing the Reggae community of DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) musically.

I personally have found that it is cool to be supported by already recognized Reggae Artists; however it is equally important that we remember those Reggae soldiers working diligently in our own yards in hopes of building Reggae strength and love locally.

 KNON Radio is a Community based Radio station with International acclaim.  We are the "Voice of the People".

Wednesday Night's Reggae Solutions Show KNON Studio's:

A Live Interview was conducted with Queen Mushiya, DJ Steady Rankin and the Reggae Solutions Crew: Event calendar coordinator – Alicia and DJ
Dollar Bill.

This group (Melody Memory Band) has it all: Knock dead appearance, undeniable talent, with a dynamic multi-cultured flavor. I am still reeling, very much so impressed. Little did I realize that their appearance was just the topping of the Reggae cake, the best was yet to come!

Lawd a mercy! They did an Acoustic thing live on air that was off the chain. The lead singer Alejandro Perez – has impeccable energy,you can
tell he's comfortable in his skin and has no problems moving back and forth vocally from English to Spanish. That's a flavor you just have to
hear to believe. I'm sure all women every where was going aaaaaaaaah!

Each and every one of them was impressive and real.  I like that; it is so easy to mimic other Artists, however this group was unique and
displayed a lot of individuality. It was just refreshing.  I know how impressed we were inside the studio.  And later found out from the
listening audience, just how much they enjoyed the live acoustic thing Melody Memory Band put down. A very quick and positive, reaction (feedback) was received from the listening audience worldwide.

Talking about an impression! Their appearance alone should be against the law. The entire (yes I said entire the entire Band is drop dead
gorgeous).  The members that were in attendance this night was: Bobby V (Guitar and vocals), Aisha (Flute and vocals), Reggie Webster (Guitar
and Vocals), Menkiti (drums) and the lead singer with the spicy Puerto Rican flavor – Alejandro Perez.

The song they performed was titled "It's OK" and yes, once they started I did hear sounds of Bob Marley and that's cool. Bob has been a staple
of Reggae music globally from many a year. So it was not unusual,to hear a ting of him here and there. However, the composition of "It's OK"
is all original Melody Memory music and very conscious. Definitely had me thinking, it was unquestionably an OK privilege to be in the studio with them this night. (Smile).

OK. As I have shared my excitement of this Band with many of you already verbally, I will just have to say this. (smile).

Bobby V is just "Sweet" I understand from the word on the street, is that Bobby believes so much in the effeciveness of their music;that he works tirelessly to keep this band booked. He being the only baldhead in the group is still "OK" with me; it is he whom my first contact was made. Bobby is gracious, pleasant and humble (I like that qualityespecially; in anyone). It was just pure joy to meet him in person. He plays the Bass so powerful, it to have a little Latin flavor init. It's a sound I can't explain, it's different and gripping.

Aisha – is just beautiful!!! And extremely kind. I finally found someone in this business shorter than I. (LOL). She plays flute and backing vocals in a loving and gentle fashion. When she walked in with the flute, I was thinking (hmmmm) this will be interesting. Again, to my surprise it worked like a
hand in a glove. So mellow it was; just warmhearted. Aisha will most certainly blow you away. She's an accomplished Flutist. I understand she
also teaches the Flute when she's not performing. she certainly brings the softness to the group;balancing them out.

Reggie Webster: baby faced with long flowing dreads. In all appearance he looks like a mellow and calm Rasta. He plays the guitar and
harmonizes in a fashion that can only be described as excellence. At first glance you would think, he's quiet and reserve; NOT he's
actually very talkative, funny and straight up (another quality I like).As we conversed this night, I was really pleased to talk to him; he's
really a deep person and a complete joy to be in his presence.
Menkiti: Well, here's the thing, the entire band was already in the studio for about 30 minutes before Menkiti arrived. Let me just say, if
the strong Ibo name don't tell you, the entire person will. He looks like a strong Rasta warrior. When he strolled through those studio
doors, both Alicia and I, did a double take!

Just so you know it was not just his long flowing brownish dreads that made us look twice.

Menkiti, looks way too much like Ziggy Marley. It's uncanny! So imagine:trying to interview this group live on air and keep from staring at
Menkiti, it was a feat in itself. Alicia and I had to keep looking at each other while interviewing so that we would not be appearing too rude
by staring at him. (smile). He was strong quiet and too sexy for himself.

Well, he is magnificent (I am now talking about his drumming). Again,the drumming and the backing vocals, just folded in perfectly.

Alejandro Perez – Dread locked extremely articulate Lead Vocalist, he has unbelievable energy.  Now, Alejandro exudes a spirit of knowing just
who he is and very comfortable in his skin. He's a wonder to watch, a joy to listen to and just a out and out rockin good time! I really like his spirit. He is definitely a crowd pleaser. He's cute and sexy like that and has no problem in swaying any audience with his vocal prowess. Hey this was the first time I had actually heard their music. So I did not know what to expect, it was just AWESOME! He sings from deep within emotions and lawd when he goes into the Spanish thing, it makes your heart take a couple beats back.

I was so impressed with this Band that I actually went to their performance at the Thanksgiving Square Dallas the following Friday and it was a scorching 104 degrees. But, I had to go I needed to see for myself how they connected with a Live audience. I was not dissappointed. They were great!!!  I have traveled the world with the best of the best groups in Reggae and I am still amazed at the RAW talent still out there.

This is a fairly new group, they each derived from other Bands and came together to put out there on the streets of Dallas, some of the finest sounds in Texas. They are so HOT right now, you would have thought that they had been performing together for years on end. They most definitely appear to have the flavor needed to stay together, grow stronger and reach the depths in their chosen field -Music.  
Melody Memory believes in developing the Youth:
The Band was performing for a humanitarian cause the hot Friday downtown Dallas. It was HOT there was no tarp, just an open hot stage and yet for the children they came out and did their thing. I was told by some of the people in attendance that the event was
sponsored by an organization by the name of make-a- connection .
This positive organization gives the youth a chance to express themselves artistically. They were able to take the stage with Melody Memory and do their thing whether it as poetry,singing or dancing. It was a very tender expression, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the future poets and entertainers. It was just stunning! You would have to have been in attendance, to feel the scope of love and determination coming from the stage.

If I had 4 hands instead of 2 I would give Melody Memory Band 4 thumbs up. However, JAH knew what he was doing by keeping it simple and applying only two hands. (smile) In any event I will have to give this Band, two strong thumbs up!.

I know; I know; I've always been a strictly Reggae woman. However, I call it as I see it.  Melody Memory is a band with all the Key components
to make it very far in this business, given a chance.

They have: Looks, Presence, Strength, Determination and Talent.  There are actually 3 additional members of this Band, unfortunately I was unable to hang around after the show and meet them. Well, that will be for another time and writing (smile).

Check them out for yourself and go to:
Reggae on the Radio Dallas with an International Link! 89.3 Irie FM