Rhygin Records has released a new 12″ Disco 45 piece of vinyl in a really high quality old school tip-on jacket with chipboard inner and die cut label cutout.

This one features two Studio One musicians, Judah Eskender Tafari on vocals and Cedric “Im” Brooks on horns.



King Stitt has indeed passed away now according to multiple sources. Farewell Winston Sparkes aka King Stitt.



Studio One Story


Van Cleef


Fire Corner

Herbman Shuffle


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From the Trojan Records site

Here is the first paragraph from the announcement.

After recording a number of blistering Ska sides for Beverley’s Records producer, Leslie Kong united vocal outfit, the Four Aces with established singer, Desmond Dekker. Over the years that immediately followed, the union produced a series of hit singles, before singer and group finally went their separate ways at the close of the Sixties – by which time the Aces consisted of just two of its original members, Carl Blake and Barrington Howard (aka Al Barry).

Members of The Aces (Desmond Dekker’s players) with The Sound Dimension at Studio One, yet another example of how neglected the master tapes of the Trojan vaults are, mainly due to the fact that nobody there bothers to do the research on what is on those tapes other than what has already been re-released time and again.

There is a disconnect at the major labels that bought up the masters, between what they released and what is actually on tape. In the age of digital crap, it’s time to bust out the ferrite heads and do some real musicology over there and at whatever is left of Islands vault.

Ok maybe I was a bit harsh on Trojan after reading this tweet.

Trojan Records
@trojanrecords Trojan Records
Looking forward to a day in the archives to search for more long-lost master tapes and with hundreds of tapes still unlabelled, who knows!

Keep it coming Trojan, on vinyl! and call your counterparts at Island and ask them to start curating those tapes!