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Mark Wonder – Eight wonder of Reggae!
Back in June 2009 I received an email from Daniel Frankston about Mark Wonder and the completion of a very successful U. S. West Coast tour. It was refreshing to hear all the positive things being reported on Mark for the 8 shows he did on the West Coast. Daniel wrote a wonderfully inspiring piece on his coming and goings. The unique factor was that he took time out of his busy tour schedule to actually do a FREE benefit concert. Now that is dedication! Who would not love this Rasta man?
He personifies what he believes in; the message in reggae music being –Love, Peace and Unity – which lays rest for sure at his feet.
What can I say about Mark Wonder? He has proven over and over again throughout the years; that he is indeed Reggae's eight wonder of the world. With all the negativity we hear coming out of some of the reggae camps these days. We can honestly say; with Mark Wonder keeping his camp clean and magnifying emphasis on the ways of the most high; Mark Wonder puts the "P" in positively conscious Reggae sounds.
I met Mark back in 2007 at the height of a very emotional time. I found him, to not only be one of the most marvelous inspiring spiritual voices out there, but an amazing person as well. He is one of the few that lives what he sings. When he sings you can feel it in every way, that he is living in the positive. It is not hard to be drawn to his loving kindness and the sweet sounds of his voice. What he gives to the fans on stage, he is the same person off. His genuine beam of positive light reflects in whom he really is; inviting all fans personally welcome to know Mark. 
Mark manifest very special qualities: he's real and untainted by the world. It is not everyday that you come across an artist with the passion in the music that he possesses.
Just to reflect on his song "We shall over Come" he sings with an uplifting conviction. That no matter what the ills of the world may be; we shall overcome. It's apparent in the words of the song that the purpose for the lyrics is for the healing. In his song "Where do we go?" Mark sings where do we go from here? Where do we go right now? When the cry is everywhere, the poor man is in despair, trying to get his share. The cry is everywhere". He goes on to say that his heart cries out, but from his eyes not a single tear.  This True Kingston Rastaman is lyrically deep!
Mark goes on to say simply "his name is Mark and he can take you through the dark".  He is deep, he is humble, and he is strength; without a doubt a Kingston Rasta warrior spiritually refreshing! Hence the 8th wonder of reggae!
You might wonder if the number 7 is the spiritual complete number. Why would I refer to Mark Wonder as the 8th Wonder. Mark as a person is the 8th wonder to me (smile). He completes the Reggae spiritual circle in many a way.  He's very talented, very humble and put the most high standards first in all that he does; a true and wonderful reflection.
He is truly the bright spiritual light Reggae has been in need of for the last couple months. 
I have watched in the media recently, my brothers hammered down. Jamaican reggae as we know it; has taken hit after hit in the past months, it's truly distressing.
I was asked just the other day whilst doing an anniversary special, interview regarding Mikey Dread's 2nd year anniversary passing.  How I felt about several different situations involving Rasta's and Reggae. As I told the interviewer I can't speak for situations I have not come to know of personally. I can however speak of a few Artists I have no doubt of their sincerity for conscious reggae.  The first person name who came to my mind, without a doubt or hesitation was the Kingstonian – Mark Wonder, followed by Montego Bay's – Mackie Conscious and Trelawney's – Tony Culture.
There are many, many other conscious Reggae artists out there in Jamaica and abroad; however I was reflecting on some that I know in my personal life to be of high integrity. (Smile).
I find it refreshing to be able to write about an Artist, that is trying his best to keep the positive vibes; in light of what we see going on around us. That someone is Mark Wonder, I have come to know Mark very well and I see he lets nothing and no one gets in his way to produce music that is uplifting to the soul. He is not a Rasta man with a pocket full of money, yet what he has to offer to any audience is the true authentic, hard warming sounds of pure Jamaica Conscious and Sweet Reggae. That in itself is worth its weight better than gold or silver.
It is a joy and pleasure to be in acquaintance of a true reflection of what Jamaican Reggae music encompasses by way of the 8th wonder of the world – Mark Wonder who continue to wow the crowds and amaze new comers alike with his Conscious Reggae beam shining ever so bright!. 
With that said: Mark Wonder is gearing up for a three month tour of Europe which will be commencing on March 6, 2010. The itinerary is still being put together as well as other mitigating factors.   If you are longing for the real thing, I encourage you all to go out and catch Mark Wonder in concert and see for yourselves what the 8th wonder of reggae is all about!
Keep the link of Mark Wonder's tour update, sample his music and video and complete BIO:
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