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On March 10, 2003, in leeperry, by E

Scratch is back out on the road this time with dates in various spots around Europe.

7th – Regie Scene
-Landerneau, France

March 8th – Fred Dumont
-Biarritz, France

March 9th – Nina
-Limoges, France?

March 11th – Aeronof

-Lille, France

March 12th – Jacques

-Rouen, France

March 14th – Krakatoa

-Bordeaux, France

March 15th – The Dome

-Brighton, UK

March 16th – Belfast

March 17th – Dublin

March 18th – Bikini

-Tolouse, France

March 19th – Coope

-Clermont, France

March 20th – Elessese

-Paris, France

March 22nd – Custard

-Birmingham, UK

March 23, 24, 25, 26, Jazz Cafe
– Camden, London

March 27th – Nico

-Marseilles, France

March 28th – Transbo
-Lyon, France

March 29thSt
Agreve, France

April 4th – Lemon Grove

-Exeter, UK

April 5th – Guildhall
-Southampton, UK

May 7th – PAU


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