Took a visit to my local shops in Santa Cruz yesterday, picked up an original copy of Heart of the Ark on Seven Leaves, what a great album. The track Forward with Love by Mystic Eyes is amazing, and the 4&20 Dreadlocks is a different mix than the original JA 7" that I have. All in all a great find for 20 bucks. I know you can get this along with volume 2 on CD still, but the original vinyl is well worth it.

Also found a re-issue of Leggo Dub from 2005 on Hot Pot label, Steve Barrow project remastered from what sounds to me like the original Cash and Carry LP and not the master tapes. Big Ups to Steve for getting this reissued direct from Ossie Hibbert, Leggo Beast himself under exclusive license.

If you have been looking for something to pick up, try these out, you won't be disappointed.


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