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On February 25, 2010, in Reggae, by E

Just a couple of things to mention.
I found out Ernie B's has some original pressings of Freedom by the Inturns (viceroys) on Impact, super clean for 20 bucks. I just picked up a copy, not sure how many he has left. This is one of the tunes you can hear on the Dave Katz with Steve Barker interview at On the Wire BBC radio lancs. Sort of a bubbly playful circus reggae type organ sound to it, fantastic version on the flip.

Also at Ernie B's are two crucial DVD's still available, Dub Echoes on Soul Jazz and Natural Mystic Reggae – A Jamaican Walk with Chinna touring all the old sites of the day in Kingston. If you are a crate digger you will definitely want these.

Looks like Deep Roots volume one is sold out but they still have volume 2 and 3, I remember when we were in the studio with Mikey Dread working on the Sunshine State 12 inch, Mikey was on the phone with the guys who were trying to re-release these DVD's, it didn't sound like they ever came to an agreement that week on royalty or whatever to get it put out, after Mikey passed away though, finally some decent re-issue was able to be seen. Much better than the time coded bootleg piece of crap that I have had for years, pick up a copy. Jackie Edwards and Delroy Wilson voicing at King Tubby's is worth the price of admission alone.


why not pick up some Rhygin Records vinyl while you are at it 🙂


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