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Friday, July 24, 2009 4:09 PM
       Melody Memory Band what can I say!  I was delightfully surprised when this band strolled into the KNON 89.3 Irie FM studios Dallas last Wednesday night – July 15, 2009.

The purpose of their visit was to partner with KNON Reggae DJ's in embracing the Reggae community of DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) musically.

I personally have found that it is cool to be supported by already recognized Reggae Artists; however it is equally important that we remember those Reggae soldiers working diligently in our own yards in hopes of building Reggae strength and love locally.

 KNON Radio is a Community based Radio station with International acclaim.  We are the "Voice of the People".

Wednesday Night's Reggae Solutions Show KNON Studio's:

A Live Interview was conducted with Queen Mushiya, DJ Steady Rankin and the Reggae Solutions Crew: Event calendar coordinator – Alicia and DJ
Dollar Bill.

This group (Melody Memory Band) has it all: Knock dead appearance, undeniable talent, with a dynamic multi-cultured flavor. I am still reeling, very much so impressed. Little did I realize that their appearance was just the topping of the Reggae cake, the best was yet to come!

Lawd a mercy! They did an Acoustic thing live on air that was off the chain. The lead singer Alejandro Perez – has impeccable energy,you can
tell he's comfortable in his skin and has no problems moving back and forth vocally from English to Spanish. That's a flavor you just have to
hear to believe. I'm sure all women every where was going aaaaaaaaah!

Each and every one of them was impressive and real.  I like that; it is so easy to mimic other Artists, however this group was unique and
displayed a lot of individuality. It was just refreshing.  I know how impressed we were inside the studio.  And later found out from the
listening audience, just how much they enjoyed the live acoustic thing Melody Memory Band put down. A very quick and positive, reaction (feedback) was received from the listening audience worldwide.

Talking about an impression! Their appearance alone should be against the law. The entire (yes I said entire the entire Band is drop dead
gorgeous).  The members that were in attendance this night was: Bobby V (Guitar and vocals), Aisha (Flute and vocals), Reggie Webster (Guitar
and Vocals), Menkiti (drums) and the lead singer with the spicy Puerto Rican flavor – Alejandro Perez.

The song they performed was titled "It's OK" and yes, once they started I did hear sounds of Bob Marley and that's cool. Bob has been a staple
of Reggae music globally from many a year. So it was not unusual,to hear a ting of him here and there. However, the composition of "It's OK"
is all original Melody Memory music and very conscious. Definitely had me thinking, it was unquestionably an OK privilege to be in the studio with them this night. (Smile).

OK. As I have shared my excitement of this Band with many of you already verbally, I will just have to say this. (smile).

Bobby V is just "Sweet" I understand from the word on the street, is that Bobby believes so much in the effeciveness of their music;that he works tirelessly to keep this band booked. He being the only baldhead in the group is still "OK" with me; it is he whom my first contact was made. Bobby is gracious, pleasant and humble (I like that qualityespecially; in anyone). It was just pure joy to meet him in person. He plays the Bass so powerful, it to have a little Latin flavor init. It's a sound I can't explain, it's different and gripping.

Aisha – is just beautiful!!! And extremely kind. I finally found someone in this business shorter than I. (LOL). She plays flute and backing vocals in a loving and gentle fashion. When she walked in with the flute, I was thinking (hmmmm) this will be interesting. Again, to my surprise it worked like a
hand in a glove. So mellow it was; just warmhearted. Aisha will most certainly blow you away. She's an accomplished Flutist. I understand she
also teaches the Flute when she's not performing. she certainly brings the softness to the group;balancing them out.

Reggie Webster: baby faced with long flowing dreads. In all appearance he looks like a mellow and calm Rasta. He plays the guitar and
harmonizes in a fashion that can only be described as excellence. At first glance you would think, he's quiet and reserve; NOT he's
actually very talkative, funny and straight up (another quality I like).As we conversed this night, I was really pleased to talk to him; he's
really a deep person and a complete joy to be in his presence.
Menkiti: Well, here's the thing, the entire band was already in the studio for about 30 minutes before Menkiti arrived. Let me just say, if
the strong Ibo name don't tell you, the entire person will. He looks like a strong Rasta warrior. When he strolled through those studio
doors, both Alicia and I, did a double take!

Just so you know it was not just his long flowing brownish dreads that made us look twice.

Menkiti, looks way too much like Ziggy Marley. It's uncanny! So imagine:trying to interview this group live on air and keep from staring at
Menkiti, it was a feat in itself. Alicia and I had to keep looking at each other while interviewing so that we would not be appearing too rude
by staring at him. (smile). He was strong quiet and too sexy for himself.

Well, he is magnificent (I am now talking about his drumming). Again,the drumming and the backing vocals, just folded in perfectly.

Alejandro Perez – Dread locked extremely articulate Lead Vocalist, he has unbelievable energy.  Now, Alejandro exudes a spirit of knowing just
who he is and very comfortable in his skin. He's a wonder to watch, a joy to listen to and just a out and out rockin good time! I really like his spirit. He is definitely a crowd pleaser. He's cute and sexy like that and has no problem in swaying any audience with his vocal prowess. Hey this was the first time I had actually heard their music. So I did not know what to expect, it was just AWESOME! He sings from deep within emotions and lawd when he goes into the Spanish thing, it makes your heart take a couple beats back.

I was so impressed with this Band that I actually went to their performance at the Thanksgiving Square Dallas the following Friday and it was a scorching 104 degrees. But, I had to go I needed to see for myself how they connected with a Live audience. I was not dissappointed. They were great!!!  I have traveled the world with the best of the best groups in Reggae and I am still amazed at the RAW talent still out there.

This is a fairly new group, they each derived from other Bands and came together to put out there on the streets of Dallas, some of the finest sounds in Texas. They are so HOT right now, you would have thought that they had been performing together for years on end. They most definitely appear to have the flavor needed to stay together, grow stronger and reach the depths in their chosen field -Music.  
Melody Memory believes in developing the Youth:
The Band was performing for a humanitarian cause the hot Friday downtown Dallas. It was HOT there was no tarp, just an open hot stage and yet for the children they came out and did their thing. I was told by some of the people in attendance that the event was
sponsored by an organization by the name of make-a- connection www.makeaconnection.org .
This positive organization gives the youth a chance to express themselves artistically. They were able to take the stage with Melody Memory and do their thing whether it as poetry,singing or dancing. It was a very tender expression, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the future poets and entertainers. It was just stunning! You would have to have been in attendance, to feel the scope of love and determination coming from the stage.

If I had 4 hands instead of 2 I would give Melody Memory Band 4 thumbs up. However, JAH knew what he was doing by keeping it simple and applying only two hands. (smile) In any event I will have to give this Band, two strong thumbs up!.

I know; I know; I've always been a strictly Reggae woman. However, I call it as I see it.  Melody Memory is a band with all the Key components
to make it very far in this business, given a chance.

They have: Looks, Presence, Strength, Determination and Talent.  There are actually 3 additional members of this Band, unfortunately I was unable to hang around after the show and meet them. Well, that will be for another time and writing (smile).

Check them out for yourself and go to: http://www.myspace.com/melodymemorymusic
Reggae on the Radio Dallas with an International Link! 89.3 Irie FM

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