Sunday November 2, 2008 1:14 AM KNON 89.3 IRIE FM DALLAS;The African Forum with: DJ Ima Uwagbai, Queen Mushiya and Brother "You" Yousapha would like toThank The Spiritual Warrior himself -Mark Wonder For taking time out of his busy schedule to big up our International audience;Wednesday night. Mark Wonder has surely let the world know; that he is the 8th wonder of the world. As far as I can see, Mark is the embodiment of reggae unity completeness; which is the 7th (meaning spiritually complete) Wonder of the world. In any event,we (KNON 89.3 Irie FM Reggae Radio DJ Crew Dallas) as well as our International fan base; enjoyed the special time spent with Mark. Checking his vibes and getting a feel of who he really is… Give Thanks to Mark for inviting us all on this Unique Reggae Journey into "Wonderland" with his hit "Victory:The Mystery Unfolds" showcased. Mark said: "his mission is to restore back the art; bring back the love and the unity in the music; as it should be". The question posed to Mark; what is so wonderful about Mark Wonder?. He says: " It''''''''s a vibration that I and I, can''''''''t really explain; he tries to keep the communication of Rastafari alive". Mark is refreshingly humble; that spirit in itself is awe inspiring. It''''''''s inspiring to see a Reggae Artist giving the honor and due; to the creator – JAH – and not being full of himself: to say it is he who is the inspirer; but giving the due to that of the father – JAH. A definite sign of a True and Righteous Rastaman. I am certainly one who is not easily in awe and without words. (smile). However, Mark has certainly had this effect on me. I can''''''''t really put him into a neat little package or liken him to anyone else.. His style and delivery is all his own. And I can definitely go with him being a "Wonderman". Compared to Garnett Silk: I have read that Mark is likened to Garnett Silk. But, I personally can''''''''t see the similarities. Voice different, style different, delivery and mannerisms are nothing alike. Garnett had a sweet/hoarse voice with a different magnetic effect. Garnett Silk''''''''s brother Aaron Silk; actually personifies his brother''''''''s style best. Mark''''''''s deliverance is really unexplainable When you are listening to cuts such as "We shall overcome" his words/feelings and deliverance actually leaps off the CD into your heart and he makes you believe for real "That we shall overcome". Or when he sings "See Us Through" – he speaks of the heavy loads and poverty. Again he let us know that we are not isolated in these struggles of life. In his words "Jah will see us through children; all our worries and problems he will solve them". Once again the feeling relayed is in full force and we believe that all things through Jah will be solved. For months now I''''''''ve been trying to figure out this Rastaman;he seems to always be around (like Jah sent) whenever there is a need In an effort to try to get to know him musically. I have spent countless hours listening;digesting his music and communicating with him. And yet, he still remains a sweet mystery to me. Almost like a mystical rastaman! a Wonder? (smile). He is just so deep! However, what I figured out is that no real reggae collection,is truly complete without his works.. Mark''''''''s voice is, emotional:potently soulful:laced with spiritual love:pure with consciousness:coupled with hope and tenderly gratifying. I speak a lot about Mark''''''''s voice because it is refreshing and powerful. However, the instrumental and background vocals in all of the works I''''''''ve heard from him. Is off the charts solid!!!! It is most definitely the sound of Kingston, Jamaica. Heart pounding rhythms with equally accomodating supporting vocals. Who can explain the sweet sensations derived from these sounds other than Jah! Through his music Mark gives undeniable hope that the suffering will not last for long. Look to JAH. Rastafari! Mark Wonder is the 7th Wonder of the World – Full of Life and Spirit! In the song "Thy children Cry" he sings: "we hold our heads up high and we pray". Giving us hope that JAH will always be there for us. Many callers on Wednesday night wanted to know when? and where? Mark will be touring and with whom. I entreat you all to keep up with the Wonderman, by linking to him via: Web, Myspace or email.
If you are looking to escape from the ills of the world (for just a moment). Check the links below to get on board of the "Wonderland" Express with Mark as the Conductor. It''''''''s a journey you will not soon forget. Web: email: mark wonder youtube: (If link does not work simply:Google Mark Wonder youtube. Big things are surely coming from this Rastaman hailing from Kingston Jamaica. The word from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica is that Mark is currently working on a compilation piece: Said to be titled: Mark Wonder and Friends: it is said to include tracks with: Luciano: Capelton: Sizzla: Anthony B: Lutan Fyah: and an all time favorite of mine – reggae''''''''s living legend Everton Blender… That should be a HOT!, HOT, HOT commodity. Can''''''''t wait for it to come to light!!! Pick up stream of the interview from Wednesday night show from DJ Ras Ridi another Kingston born Rastaman: Mushiya Jobe Enterprises P.O. Box 600542 Dallas, Texas 75360-0542 214-342-5638 469-767-9730


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