Friday, March 21, 2008 12:57 PM

Dear Friends/Family/Fellow International Media Associates:

     I want to thank you all so very much for all the calls, emails, letters etc. Words can never express the way I feel about each and every one of you. I have had the pleasure of working personally with some of
you guys over the years, while in my role as Mikey Dread's Publicist/Media Representative.

Each one of you has been instrumental in the successful career he enjoyed. Your avenue of expertise whether Print media,T.V. or Radio DJ’s across the globe have surely helped the world get to know Mikey Dread’s work on an International scale.

    I personally find it a pleasure and honor to have met you all. Give Thanks for not only being there for me in the past, but also in the now. My heart was overwhelmed by joy to see the mass media coverage on
Mikey’s passing. The many writings and tributes I see on Mikey out there on the web worldwide and those of you who have sent pod casts – Jah Blessings for your hard work and dedication.

     I know that Mikey’s heart would have been overjoyed for such wonderfully kind thoughts expressed; as you delivered the message of his passing from as near as the Virgin Islands to as far away as Africa, Russia, Tehran, Japan, Germany, Italy, The UK and so on. You, the International media certainly came together on

Mikey’s loving behalf to offer condolences to his family – Give Thanks!

    Many of you know how very close Mikey and I were and have voiced concerns over my well being (smile) and I would like to put you guys at ease.

    As circumstances would have it (Jah guides) at the time of Mikey’s passing Saturday, the Inner Visions Reggae Band was staying at my house. And as Jah continued to guide us this day we were invited to the home of
Radio DJ Ras Ridi (Dallas local Rasta Elder) for Rasta reasoning’s and physical nourishments.

    I had the true Jah fortune to be in the presence of DJ Ras Ridi and his family as well as the entire Inner Visions Reggae Band: Ras Paul, Grasshopper, Jupiter, Akiba and Aswad when the word came in. So I was
most definitely surrounded by True Rasta Love and strength. It was also an added blessing to have Ras Ridi reason with me and guide me through the most painful moments in my life. Between Ras Ridi,Grasshopper, and Jupiter (Inner Visions) my immediate comfort was taken care of which allowed me to serve my Boss one last time and get on to things that needed to be done.

Within hours, I had a stream of calls from friends in the media and artists that Mikey and I shared acquaintance with.  Lady Cham (West Indian Times), The Scientist, Carmelita Harris, Glen Washington, Trevor Elliot, Daddy Roots, Tony Culture, Delroy Headley, Scorcher, Danny,Yabba (Griffiths), a host of Rasta Brethren from Jamaica's

various Rasta communities, Sydney“Mankind”, Carrot, Cat, Linton Cooper (who called every hour of the day
from Jamaica and who continues to call daily). Ranking Joe, Robin (Culture), DJ Ima Uwagbai, Mike D. Magician, Everton, Bro. You, Queen Amy, Makeda Dread, Marshall Jones, Henrik Baek and DJ Tiffany. There has just been so many of you, if I fell to mention you, JAH knows I appreciate you.

Special Thanks to Basil Walters, Jamaica Observer who always wanted to know what he can do to help, and was

there always each step of the way with Mikey's career.

     With that said: I have to say about My Boss, My Brother, My Friend, and My Teacher – what we had was a relationship that was solid in business and trust, that was guided by JAH and cemented by love and respect, seasoned with our connection with our Jamaican Culture, dedication to the purity of Reggae music and our Rasta beliefs.

In the words of the song from Inner Visions – True hearts so very hard to find.

True hearts (will always stay), True Love (will not go away), and True Friends (is what makes love very strong)

I listen to this song and remember Mikey and I

 Think of Mikey, and know that he’s in a happy place.

“I was
talking to a singer the other day and he said "Mushiya just think and visualize this":

When Mikey strolled through those gates of the great unknown he joyfully announced the
Dread at the Controls has arrived!  Bob (Marley) was there with him and
he added “Don’t worry about a thing”, Peter (Tosh) walked over and he
said dread “No more tears to cry” and Joseph (Hill) and Dennis (Brown)
all gathered around Mikey and said “Selah” RASTAFARI!!  

The Dread is still at the

It is a comforting thought to know, Mikey lives on in our hearts, mind and soul and

I know I will see my friend again in the land of far beyond.

Warm Love


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