Official News Release Regarding Mikey Dread

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For Immediate Release:
Saturday October 27, 2007 12:46PM 
This is  an Official News Release from the  "Dread At The Controls, Inc."
     For months now, many of you have made inquiries about the Internationally acclaimed Jamaican Reggae Legend Mikey Dread. Mikey believes that it is important that his fans/friends/ and supporters know about his current health condition and the treatment he is currently undergoing, and what has happened to him since July, 2007
    There is certainly good news coming out of the DATC camp. The good news is that Monika's and  Mikey's son was born healthy and strong on October 12, 2007 and he will run "Dread at the Controls "in the future.

     The bad news is that Mikey Dread has been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. He is in the care of the best Doctors at Duke University in North Carolina and is undergoing chemotherapy. Mikey is working towards recovery and does not give up his faith in God. God is watching out for him.

Mikey Dread's fans can contact him through email:

According to Mikey Dread, "Dread at the Controls reggae music and dubs music continues to Break down the Walls, internationally"

This is an official News Release from "Dread At The Controls, Inc."

My respect and love still stand to you

To the Media: Please continue to contact Mushiya – Mikey's Publicist at (469) 767-9730 email:
Jobe Enterprises
PO. Box 600542
Dallas, Texas 75360-0542

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