Mushiya's Reggae Corner: Morgan Heritage Concert Review – Thursday April 19, 2007 Poor David's Pub – Dallas Texas

Saturday April 21, 2007 7:20pm cst
Reggae Fans worldwide! It is happening again, reggae rocking all night long from Dallas, we say we love you for the support!
     Dallas,Texas:  I was invited to KNON 89.3 Irie FM Dallas; Monday night Reggae Program – The International Dance Party, Hosted by the Trini man; DJ Mike D Magician. Why the invite? something special was in the air in the way of a Live interview with "Gramps" Morgan Heritage.
Give Thanks to "Gramps" for a most lively and informative Interview. The Interview received excellent feedback,so much so, it was re-broadcast on Wednesday night's  program, the African Forum with Host DJ Ima Uwagbai, Queen Mushiya and Bro."You".
The interview proved to be a Reggae Event appetizer! at 11:45pm Wednesday night people were still arriving at the station to purchase tickets.
The KNON 89.3 Radio Reggae Benefit Event featuring Morgan Heritage, is the brainchild of KNON Radio Manager –  Dave Chaos. 
First Let us Give Respect: always to the patriarch of the Morgan Heritage family – Denroy Morgan. Your love and guidance is abundant in the works of your Children
Moving on to the Concert:
Poor David's Pub – Dallas, Texas – Thursday night April 19, 2007: The opening act was KNON's own Tunde Obazee – Code Red Band. Having some background informaton and knowing Tunde for many years, my hat always go out to him. If you have ever caught a Tunde Obazee performance, you would know he is a very energetic performer. After speaking with him earlier in the day and learning that he had been a bit under the weather. I was a bit concerned that he was going to go through with the performance. He assured me that the show must go on. He said  "Mushi the show must go on" what a trooper. Sure enough went out and put on a solid show! peformed to his heart content and to the delight of the crowd. (JAH is surely on his side).
KNON Reggae Radio family in the House: DJ's Mike D Magician, Ras Ridi (the night's emcee), Jah Larry, Ima and  Everton
                                                    along with Bro. "You", Mike and The Queen's – Amy and Mushiya and Kenjah
Warming up:
Before Morgan Heritage took the stage – Irie Love did her thing. Unfortunately, I missed this performance.  Being the social butterfly I am, I was distracted by some long time friends from Jamaica. By surprise they came up to Dallas for this concert. I was too excited of their presence, I can only remember this happening one other time. That was in Montreal 2 years ago, when I was so excited to hang out with Brinsley Forde of Aswad fame. I was distracted and I missed Abijah's performance.(smile). I'm working on this distraction thing. 
Main Attraction:
I'm sure St. Petersburg, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana and Little Rock,Arkansas was sad to see Morgan Heritage leave their cities.  What I heard from my media pipeline is that each performance was hot. So sad to you all, but happy for us in Dallas, the guys were heading on the Road to the Big "D" Dallas,Texas for a  Special KNON 89.3 Irie FM – Reggae Benefit Event.
Also In Celebration of their new release Morgan Heritage "Live another Rockaz moment" The guys rolled into Dallas on their Morgan Heritage Tour Bus, (yes they arrived by ground, on a bus) to the excitement of every Reggae enthusiast in Dallas. Rasta's were out in full force. Again; where did those Rasta's come from? I really want to know. I'm living in Dallas a long while now and I never see so much Jamaican Rastas!! (outside of Jamaica) I was relishing the mood,the air of my brothers, pure Patois filling the air (sweet music to my ears) I guess it takes a group like this to bring them out.
For their first time performing in Dallas, Morgan Heritage came in strong! They sent out an invitation to the people,asking them Can you feel it?.  Can you hear it? telling them to Throw your hands up in the air and wave;show the world that you love REGGAE! Jump around if you Love Reggae.  That the people did. Not only did they throw their hands up in the air and wave, they jumped around for the entire time the band was on stage and truly showed that they not only loved Reggae but they were loving up the cool vibes pulsating from the stage.  For the hour and a half that the group was on stage,the crowd, never stopped jumping up, they hugged the stage, longing to be close, real close to the melodic reggae music throbbing from the stage. 
Mojo, Gramps, Peter and Lukes (Una did not perform at this event) did not let up, they gave the audience what they wanted, pure roots reggae music. The set started out with the song "Inna dem ting deh", followed by "Live up", "A man is still a man", "Jah works", "Don't haffi dread", "Hail Rastafari" (which sent a wave of Rasta flags flying high in the air). Next came the song "So much to come" followed by one of their most popular and ground breaking song "Down by the River" (which brought the crowd to frenzy), moving along smooth as butter to  "Reggae Bring back love", "One Spliff", "Psalms 23", "I'm coming Home", "Liberation", "Best Friend" and to the delight of the throng of ladies, holding tight to the front of  the stage "She's still Lovin' me" the set culminated with the song "Tell me how Come" . The people were definitely feeling the Vibes of the Morgan Heritage Band, not once did they sit down or show lack of interest. They rocked with them until the end and even a little after they left the stage, begging for more.
Respect is due to the group for the professional way in which they handle themselves. When we spoke to Gramps on Monday night, he said the show would start at 10:00pm sharp, (I had to see that) and guess what he was true to his word. The show started at 10:00PM Sharp!!!
 Morgan Heritage had the people them, jumping to the ceiling, saying what a wonderful feeling, it's safe to say; if the group's intention was to come to Dallas and rock the place, it was a evident by the crowd that the goal was accomplished 100%!
They certainly rocked the rhythm;as Morgan Heritage would say "It was another Rockaz Moment (or Rock A to the Z)! That is Reggae Music fully loaded and well covered. Rocking you from A to Z da'lings.
The special reggae treat of the night came in the form of their younger brother Lazza (LMS), what a treat that was, much reaction from the young ladies in the crowd. Lazza is yet another well nourished leaf from the musical family tree. Good things to come from this youth man, he has all the key ingredients,tight vocals and an extraordinary stage presence. It was clear from the moment he was brought on stage. All night long, the young ladies were holding tight to their positions front stage, maybe a couple times, move back and allow the Rasta's to take control. But, when Lazza's came out, not even a raving fire could have kept them from claiming their position, up front and center stage. Yes, I can definitely see the young man moving forward! Just like Kymani Marley, the break out Marley Brother. I see Lazza moving in this same direction, he's not only a wonderful performer, he's personable. Thanks Lazza for taking the time to take pictures. I like that humbleness!
Special message for "Gramps" give Thanks from myself (Queen Mushiya) and Mike D Magician for your hospitality. I know you guys were tired and needing to get on the road to Austin to catch some rest. So it was very sweet of you to take that precious time to Greet up myself and Mike D Magician after the show. Thanks! for telling the guard to let me through (smile). That guard was really serious about guarding you guys. I know how you guys are about guarding your privacy, so it was really a treat. Hey I felt like a Queen. (just teasing). Really, give Thanks for your hospitality and for the pictures. JAH speed to you guys for the rest of the Tour.
Link up to Morgan Heritage: – Guaranteed not to leave you hungry or thirsty for good Reggae music.
Big ups to: Diane Chance (St. Thomas, Jamaica),Miguel (Honduras). Moses (Jamaican) (who provided the delightful food for the Band), Roland (owner of Caribbean Grill), DJ Qb (representing the More Fiyah Crew), MC Steady Rankin (Jamaica)(, The Trini's Alfred and Beverly, Promoter Rasta T., Carl Boodram and Paul (more Trini men),Elaine's Kitchen, Caribbean Grill and Irie Connections for all of your support of the event.
Mushiya Photo moments compliments by Alicia McCracken
Nuff respect to my Dad  – who continues to encourage my path and instill in me the repect for our Jamaican culture.
My Boss, My Mentor and My Hero – Mikey Dread! – If it was not for your influence I would still be the shy one. With your constant pushing and encouragement over the years I've grown 10 folds! It was Mikey who taught me to stop look, listen and feel the crowd, this is how you vibe. Walk with your eyes and ears. Give Thanks for your presence in my life.
Reggae music promotes, Love, Harmony, Unity and Peace.
                                                                    Livicated to:
Simeon Campbell of Port Antonio Jamaica, March 1906 – March 2007, 101 years of age
Queen Mushiya
Jobe Enterprises
P.O. Box 600542
Dallas, Texas 75360-0542


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