Rhygin Records

Rhygin Records is now live and open for business.
It has been 4 years in the making getting this new record label off the ground.
We have been hailed by Turntablelab as THE JA legit record label in the U.S.. When you hear our music, you will think it is straight out of the golden age of reggae, rocksteady, and dub. Strictly rockers, no joke.

We bring you only the hardest rockers and rocksteady tunes on the highest quality vinyl available anywhere. We even use vintage cardstock from the era for our labels. This is no fly by night operation to be sure.

There are major plans already in the works to bring you some rockers tunes that will totally boggle your mind that they did not come from Jamaica and weren't recorded in the 60's and 70's.

The bands and musicians featured on the label include The Sandollars, Rhygin Rockers, and The Rhythm Doctors featuring Cedric Im Brooks.

We have 3 7 inch 45's available for purchase and a 12 inch disco dub is already being mixed down and mastered to be sent to the pressing plant. This disco dub 45 will be the head cornerstone of our foundation as a label, when it is released the ground will quake beneath your feet, it's that good.

Head on over to the site and listen to some sound samples of the records we have in stock, and get ready to be gunned down by the heavy duty sounds of our upcoming projects, I guarantee they will not disappoint, this is just the beginning so get ready. Some things that are also in the pipeline include limited edition slip mats, quality shirts and 2 LP's already underway.


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