Alive More than EverThe great Lee Scratch Perry, the legendary jamaican producer, the inventor of Reggae and Dub, author and composer of hundreds of productions, the one who discovered and revealed Bob Marley and the Wailers and whose career spans over almost half a century …and his new band,
« The White Belly Rats », are proud to present « Alive, more than ever », the second act of their incredible adventure together.
« Alive, more than ever » The release of this second album, born of the collaboration between Lee Perry and Dj Startek, leader of The White Belly Rats, celebrates Mr. Rainford Hugh Perry’s 70th birthday !
This album comes straight out from the desk, no remixing, no post-production, just an authentic Reggae-Dub performance, sincere and warm, LSP-WBR style. Even the tiny imperfections add to the whole, making you believe you’re really there in the public.

Performed by: Lee Scratch Perry and the Whitebellyrats.
Vocals by Lee Perry, Bass and programming by Dj Startek, Guitar by L. Viennet, Drums by Nicolas Pittet, Mixed by P.Brunkow. Recorded live during Panic in Babylon Tour. Edited and mastered by P.Brunkow and Dj Startek at Damp Studio. Executive production by Dj Startek.
All tracks published by Damp Production and Newtown Sound except 3, 4, 7, 11 published by Newtown Sound and 13 by Newtown Sound – Carmax Music.


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