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On January 4, 2005, in leeperry, by E

The guys from WBR,Moonraisers and Damp-Music are going to do us all a huge favor. They are going to print out the messages to scratch and try to give them to him for us during the next January tour.

Now is the time to send out your messages to Scratch.

Guidelines: No questions will be allowed. These messages are one way only, so don’t hit Scratch with any questions in your message.

Go to the message boards in the Messages for Scratch section to make your mark. You must be logged in to leave messages in the boards. No spamming multiple messages please, if you forgot something edit your original message if possible.


3 Responses to Leave a message for Scratch

  1. lak-hal says:

    go rebuild the black ark! tired of bullshit noise

  2. I broz says:

    yo scratch
    lak hal says right
    you re old guy now but you should to learn to the new generation your how know in music , recording ect
    and so thanks for masters pieces from black ark and few songs of wailers like Kaya
    rastaman live up rastaman dont give up , dont forget
    a fan from france

  3. DADDY H says:

    Within your music program for the year 2013-2014, we are pleased to present DADDY H.


    Authentic. It is part of this generation of emerging artists in the scene (reggae) in the new trend of contemporary music.

    These original texts sung in French with themes such as:
    Humanity, news, love.

    On stage accompanied by experienced musician.

    Her repertoire focuses on compositions with warm rhythms and percussive sounds mingle or energetic? Found caraïbèennes colors and rhythms with Jamaican (reggae, dancehall) that makes you want to dance.

    To share the generosity and public contact.

    DADDY H invites us on a journey comforting that outweigh the public in a warm and festive.

    We are very pleased to discover this artist.

    We invite you to discover the world on:



    We hope you enjoy listening to and remain at your disposal for any additional information: daddyh.timo @ facebook.com







    Realization clip: Maca Donmanadjah
    From the new album “Just a shout.”

    Partnership and acknowledgments: Physical sound / FreeTime Recordz / Fxr Funxriders / Keyzitt / Latypik / Soldjah Band / Bboykosian / Sikineit: / Promotion. / Dub Wise factory serial p

    Album available from February 2/2013 as a digital download on all legal platforms.

    Booking Contact: Sikineit.promotion @ gmail.com

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