The return of Broadband 128kbps stream

On November 30, 2004, in site, by E

I spent hours and hours messing with Peercast last night. I got it tweaked and tuned and ready to go.
The 128kbps (12Kbytes/sec) stream is up and running as I write this.
In order to listen, all you need to do is download Peercast then click on the broadband link (I’ll have this up and working tonight) and you should be good to go. Or you can find me in the peercast yellow pages under Reggae.

Click here once you have installed peercast

This is the first day of testing so private message me or post on the forums and let me know if it worked out for you, whether you got dropouts and how it sounds. You’ll need a good solid fast connection for it to work and it will chew up upload bandwidth to relay a stream to the next person in line, essentially you need to be able to upload 128kbps (12Kbytes/sec) for it to get passed along and start growing.


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