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Sensimilla Dub had been grouped in september/00 by musicians with a large experience inna Sao Paulo music scene,doin’ a heavy reggae roots with a little bit of psychodelism,funk and rock elements mixed with a strong Jamaican dub influence.

The first CD,got on top with the success:”Litoral Norte” and “Ondas” on playlists of most reggae radio shows all over Sao Paulo.Recorded an special for tv show,and been prized like “Revelation band 2001″ by “Circuito Reggae” radio show at Imprensa FM 102,5 (voted by the listeners).

The band had on their history,the base band work done for ANDREW TOSH on his last Southwest Tour 2003,and been mentioned by him inna “Reggae Brasil” tv show like one of the best Brazilian reggae band he never heard!At this same time they’ve been voted like one of the seven most prefered Reggae Band from Brazil by internet (

The new CD “Dois por Um”,with 13rd. songz,released on last july/03,go ahead off the expectations,gettin’ new versions of “Litoral Norte” and “Ondas” and the rest of the new songz that spread out the heavy guitars and dub tendencies and a different kind of reggae ya rightfully never heard before.

The stuff got and still gettin’ the better reviews inna most important Brazilian music mags like:MTV Brasil Mag on his september edition/03 classified their CD like great songz contents,and put them on their official website ( ).

The Dynamite Mag ( that


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