Brand New Just for You

On October 27, 2003, in site, by E

As I mentioned a while back I have some new updates going into the playlist. Finally encoded the vinyl and got the titling and editing done on it. The volume is a bit low but should be decent enough for a good listening to.

I’ve added the coveted Prince Jazzbo LP Natty Passin Thru’ straight from the wax to your ears, also in this update is the Congos original Heart of the Congo LP, LP 4049 the first mix without all the cow mooing sounds and bottle clanking effects, it’s an interesting sparse mix of the album that you just won’t hear anywhere else but, lastly the wonderful George Faith To Be a Lover LP, one of the best Lee Perry produced LP’s that just isn’t generally available readily. Stick with your one stop source for the best reggae and research on earth.



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