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Dear Colleague,
The Peter Tosh Tribute Album is being done to fund the construction of a medical clinic, a library, and the Peter Tosh Museum in Jamaica. Proceeds from this album will also be the primary source of funding for our “Instruments for the Youth” program, which working in the cooperation of companies like Martin Guitars and Ernie Ball Strings, and Mid East Mfg. provides musical instruments to needy children.

Additionally, a massive three day International Music Festival is planned to coincide with the grand opening of the Peter Tosh Museum. I cannot express the importance of completing this album and the impact it will have on so many lives. The current state of Jamaica’s economy can be reflected by the recent massive layoff by Air Jamaica, and other major Jamaican corporations. This project will help secure the future of Jamaican’s tourism, with the Peter Tosh Museum and Annual International Music Festival. The first of these events will prove to be the largest in Jamaica’s history.

However, I urge you to help us with the support to raise the funds to complete this tribute album, which features Eric Clapton, Slash (Guns N Roses), Sean Paul, Aswad, the late Jerry Garcia, Luciano, Ben Harper, Lucky Dube, Dean Fraser, Jeffrey Gaines, Edi Fitzroy, Frankie Paul, Andrew Tosh, Martha Davis/The Motels, Bob Andy, Bad Brains, Speech, Lasana Bandele, Tippie Irie, and Maxi Priest.

Being directly involved in this business you can help us raise funds towards our goal of $150K. Since we set up our website to accept donations by Paypal, over a month ago, we have had a total of zero donations. If you are a DJ or Webmaster please encourage people to donate through our website. We are still looking for an investor(s) as well as sponsors.

This is a great project which will benefit many people, but the only way it is going to happen is with the cooperation, help, and support of everyone and all of us play a part in making this album. The state of the current economy and the situation with the war, has led us to being unsuccessful so far in securing any kind of monetary support. We have had lots of donations of signed photos & CD’s, and even a couple guitars. But, realistically this does not even represent a great deal of the amount we need to secure.

We continue everyday to seek sponsors and investors, as well as, record labels and distributors. But it appears that this may just be our entire project, and we may have to produce this album without any corporate monetary support. The economy is really bad right now, and it is why this project will prove so beneficial to all, and a long overdue tribute to brother, Peter Tosh. Plus, what more better a time than now? To spread Peter’s important message all over the world in this time of uncertainty and war.

Please encourage donations, sponsors, and investors whenever possible.

We are encouraging you to do fundraisers of any type, and benefit concerts. Anything you could do would be most appreciated. Five and ten dollar pledges add up. Especially since we have not received a donation to date. Please help us make this project reality.
Best regards,

Michael Malott, Producer
Peter Tosh Tribute Album
3376 Preakness Court
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone (404) 405-6196
Fax (770) 971-6738


March 29, 2003

As announced on CNN Headline News, USA Today, MTV News, ABC World News, The Jamaican Observer, and Rolling Stone Magazine, plans have been confirmed for a tribute album to honor the legacy of Grammy Award winning reggae superstar, Peter Tosh.? Tosh, who was tragically murdered during a robbery in his home in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1987, was one of the founding members of the famed Jamaican reggae band “The Wailers” (later “Bob Marley and the Wailers”), and later went on to pursue a successful solo career, producing a string of hits and earning a Grammy Award? for his reggae album, “No Nuclear War,” just after his death in 1987.? Tosh was also an outspoken civil rights activist for his country, demanding government assistance for the poor, and centering his songs on such social issues as anti-apartheid against oppression and equal rights for all. The album will not only pay tribute to the late artist, but revenue from its sales will also provide the funds needed for the repair and renovation of Peter Tosh’s Mausoleum in Belmont, Jamaica. Also planned is the completion of the Tosh Museum, which was partially erected back in 1995, and construction of a medical clinic, a library, and a gift shop.? The buildings will be erected on Tosh’s burial site in Belmont, which is also the home of Tosh’s mother Alvera Coke.

Veteran promoter Mike Malott, who conceived the album project will be working closely with Peter’ s son; Dave Tosh who has joined the production team.? Andrew Tosh (also Peter Tosh’s son) will also assist in the production but has been actively touring to support his music career.? The album is planned for release later this year and Malott is currently in discussions with five major labels regarding the release and states that the response has been very positive.? Although contributors are still being solicited, several artists are confirmed to contribute to the album including Eric Clapton, the late Jerry Garcia, multi-platinum Cypress Hill, multi-Grammy award winning artist Maxi Priest, Slash, Matt & Duff from Guns & Roses, and acclaimed recording artist; Jeffery Gaines, blues guitarist extraordinaire Jimmie Vaughan, Peter Tosh’s son; Andrew Tosh, Bad Brains, Tippie Irie, international music star Lucky Dube, Ben Harper, Sean Paul, Bob Andy, and international reggae great Lasana Bandele, who is also working on the project with Malott along with Dave Tosh.? The album will also feature a chilling acoustic version of “Pick Myself Up” performed by Martha Davis of The Motels.? Other artists contributing a track include Luciano, as well as, David Lindley and Aswad.

Eric Clapton informed producer’s that he would be “more than happy” to sanction the use of a 1974 un-released Clapton version of Peter Tosh’s “Whatcha Gonna Do” which actually features Peter Tosh performing background vocals for this “obviously worthwhile cause”.? We have also been authorized to use a never before released version of Tosh’s “Stop that train” recorded by the late Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead).? Several artists have made donations of items towards the project? including a generous donation from Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Seal, Jimmy Buffett, No Doubt, Ben Harper, Bush, Christina Aguilera, Jewel, Paul Anka, Michelle Branch, Bush, Charlie Daniels, Dianne Shuur, Carlos Santana, Chrissie Hynes and others.?

Artists are donating these items to be auctioned off in a celebrity auction with proceeds going towards the project.

The producers, although contacted by several major labels are still hoping to land a deal shortly for the release of the album and have been working with New York based attorney, Joe Serling of Serling, Rooks & Ferrara who producers have chosen to represent the project.?

The concept for the album was conceived by former Atlanta promoter, Michael Malott shortly after he and his fianc?e moved to Negril, Jamaica in early September. Malott, a Peter Tosh fan, visited the burial site in Belmont.? Malott found the location was in need of repair, the Mausoleum’s cinder-block walls stood partially erected and unchanged for years. It had been vandalized, and several items including Peter’s own grave marker had been stolen. Very little money had trickled into the estate since 1987.? Malott contacted Peter’s son, Andrew Tosh, whom Malott had promoted in the 90′s, to discuss his desire to contribute towards the legacy of such a prolific and controversial artist.? Malott discussed his idea for creating a Peter Tosh tribute album featuring top name rock & roll and reggae artists.? The project would generate revenue needed to repair and restore the mausoleum, to complete the museum and gift shop.? Plans for a library and medical clinic had been previously proposed by brothers Andrew and David Tosh. Construction plans are currently being discussed with Norris Bell, a construction specialist from the nearby town of Sheffield.? Dave Tosh has now joined the production team at Malott’s request.? Dave has also made considerable improvements to his father’s final resting place in the past month.

Malott has also recently formed a partnership with international reggae star Lasana Bandale to create the Peter Tosh Foundation, which will organize and oversee the renovation project, along with Dave Tosh who will co-produce the project with the production team.? Bandele, who wrote and composed the hit singles “Living in Shacks” and “Storitela,” comes from the parish of St. James in Jamaica and now lives in San Francisco, California.? The foundation will also work to further Peter Tosh’s dream to provide food to the hungry, medical assistance to the poor, and emergency funding and grants to assist in the start-up of Rastafarian-owned businesses in Jamaica.

Malott has also now formed a program working in cooperation with Martin Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, and Mid-East Mfg. called “Instruments For The Youth” which works to provide musical instruments to needy children, who have always wanted the chance to play an instrument.?

The foundation also plans to produce a three-day music festival honoring the late music hero in Belmont to coincide with the completion of renovation.? The event would feature a wide array of top reggae and rock artists and will draw fans from all over the world.? Worrell King, who heads up King of Kings Promotions based in Jamaica, will work with the foundation to produce the massive event. Malott, who has promoted several reggae shows and made several trips to the island since the mid eighties, is overwhelmed by the opportunity to do something that will impact so many lives and Jamaica in such a positive way.? Along with preserving the legacy of not only Peter Tosh’s name but his work as well, Malott exclaims that “I love Jamaica, and the people of Jamaica, I know I am at home here and I am greatly honored to have the opportunity to do this.”

Confirmed Song Line up
1.? MARTHA DAVIS/THE MOTELS ?????? Pick Myself Up
2.? ERIC CLAPTON ?????? ?????? ??? Whatcha Gonna Do
3.? JERRY GARCIA ?????? ?????? ?????? Stop That Train
4.? BOB ANDY / SHABBA RANKS? Sly & Robbie producing The Toughest
5.? CYPRESS HILL ?????? ?????? ?????? Legalize It
6.? JIMMIE VAUGHAN ?????? ?????? Stepping Razor
7.? BAD BRAINS ?????? ?????? ?????? African
8.? LASANA BANDELE Equal Rights
9.? BEN HARPER I Am That I Am
10. ANDREW TOSH Buk-in-ham Palace
11. SEAN PAUL No Nuclear War
12. EDI FITZROY Burial
13. LUCIANO Moses (The Prophet)
14. TIPPA IRIE Catchy Shubby
15. SLASH Not Gonna Give It Up
17. LUCKY DUBE Rastafari Is
artists performing with above include;
DEAN FRASER Johnny B. Goode

The project has a comprehensive website with complete details, updates, and press on this project at?
Donations are greatly needed to complete the project.? We encourage supporters to make a donation to this most worthwhile cause, which may be done via Paypal? on the websites “donations” page.


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    Mike MALOTT conned a lot of people out of a lot of $$$$ using the money he claimed is for Peter Tosh but used instead for his car racing.

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